Holophone is the new project from Bay Area synthesist and producer Nick Stein. With influences spanning multiple decades and continents, Holophone has found an alluring mix of psychedlia and dance music, all presented with compelling musicianship.  Before Holophone, Stein was a member of Bay Area indie pop band Finish Ticket.  Countless physical journeys across the continent manifest themselves in the psychedelic sonic journeys emanating from the Holosphere. 


His debut record Humanimal EP, released on September 14, 2018 via Lower Grand Records, will take you on a journey through time, space, and self, with luscious layers leaving little nuggets for you to discover on successive listens. 


Holophone’s live performance exhibit excellence in Holophonic Sound: bombastic beats, pastoral planes of chill, and worlds in between, all with the improvisational flexibility of a real human playing instruments.  Stein’s background as a jazz pianist is evident in the calm between the beats.  The Holophonic mothership will be blasting into orbit in the near future, but until then go enjoy the Humanimal EP via your favorite digital outlet!